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?Danbo Live Wallpaper? is a brand new Android™ application and it is here to make your day with adorable HD images of cute Danbo character! Download the lovely ?Danbo Live Wallpaper? now for free and enjoy the cutest collection of amazing "hd wallpapers" with this cool Danbo cardboard robot! Be a part of Danbo's life and keep him company through all life situations that Danbo goes through. This brand new free live wallpaper application is exactlywhat you have been looking for! Go for something new and unique, be different! Download the lovely "Danbo Live Wallpaper" now completely free of charge and have fun with the little cardboard robot every day! These lovely "HD Danbo images" will touch your heart in a second! 
Main features: 
? This brilliant mobile application will be perfect for your new smartphone! 
? Cool 3D parallax effect! 
? Decorate your screen with one of many colorful desktop backgrounds! 
? These high definition Danbo wallpapers will leave you breathless! 
? Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fully supported! 
? Our free and cute images await you! 
Follow the installation instructions: 
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers 
? You can choose from lots of different background wallpapers. 
? HD graphics and open GL. 
? Full control over the speed and density of glittering particles. 
? Suitable for 99% mobile phone devices. 
? When you do not use your phone, this live wallpaper will sleep and it will not wear your battery out. 
? "Danbo HD Wallpaper'' fully supports horizontal orientation and looks fantastic on both mobile phones and tablet devices. 
Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with the most adorable character of today! ?Danbo Live Wallpaper? Android application will make you fall in love with this little cardboard buddy. So, who is Danbo? Danbo is a Japanese cardboard robot that originally appeared in the manga Yotsuba&! in 2007. Similar to Domo, Danbo is seen as an icon of curious innocence. Danbo is a character from a manga called Yotsuba&!, which chronicles the amusing life and adventures of the 5 year old girl the series is named after. Yotsuba&! was first published in August 2003 in Japan. In late 2007 a Japanese toy/model firm decided to make a Danbo toy and released their Danbo figurines as part of their Revoltech line of products, featuring movable joints and interchangeable Danbo/Miura heads. Since then, photographers everywhere were inspired to make something really fun and even artistic with the Danbo. Did you know that Danbo has several fan pages on Facebook? Amazing, right? "Danbo Background Pictures" app includes a set of 10 beautiful HD images of the cute cardboard robot for you to enjoy every day. So, whenever you need a smile or two, just look at your new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone or tablet screen and Danbo will be there to make your day! The adorable ?Danbo Live Wallpaper? brings you a collection of awesome Danbo photos for you to enjoy and experience some of the most beautiful moments of mini Danbo’s life! Download the cute "Danbo HD images" now and make friends with this little guy right away! Get this "free live wallpaper" now and always be happy! 
*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. 
*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung. 
*This app is ad – supported.

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