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12/14/2015 4:00:00 PM
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Galahad Games
You've got that Google Cardboard compatible VR headset (with built in trigger button), now what? You need a virtual reality game to play.You are Mage of Pelinore. Trumpets sound! The Kingdom of Pelinore needs your help! Count Drakar wants to take over. Why? It's an evil wizard thing, you wouldn't understand it. Something to do with taxes. Forget it. Drakar has selected you, the King's most powerful ally, to take the brunt of his first assault on Pelinore. . What will you do? Will you cower away to another dimension, or dig your feet in, stand your ground atop your keep, and blast Drakar's abominations to oblivion with your fire spell. Battle foul monsters of all type in your bid to defeat the Count. What will you tell your grandchildren one day, That you were once the king's vanguard in a great battle or that you were a mouse? It's your choice. For the brave, put your magic helm on and take aim at Drakar's menagerie of minions. Right now this is a Google Cardboard exclusive virtual reality game. If you have a Google Cardboard compatible headset, VR Mage Vanguard is a good app to demo your new VR headset to friends. You can get a VR cardboard headset on ebay for less than $10.0. Look for Google Cardboard 2.0 headsets. VR Mage Vanguard FEATURES:
-A free super hard virtual reality fantasy gaze shooter for your VR viewer.
-360 degree fun-- play standing up.
"But my arms get tired!"
"Do you even lift. brah????"
-Boss Battle "You're not the boss of me!" "Whose tower is laying in ruins, boyeeeee! Represent!"
-FREE- as in no strings attached FREE 
-Super Hard Gameplay - Real life ain't got no health bars, and neither does this game.
-Compatible with most VR viewers.
-"I ain't got no trigger button on mah' mobile VR goggles dat' strap to mah' head! 
I had one with da' magnet thing, but it didn't work." 
No problem, my make believe friend! 
Use a mobile bluetooth controller's button A. 
"Okay, thanks, man"
"Yeah. No problem. Have fun."
*Don't eat the toothpaste. (I did once, and it wasn't good.) Find a safe place to play..

(If you like the game, please leave a review. If you don't like it, write me at info@galahadgames,com and give me some feedback. This game was made by one person, me, more or less. Go easy, eh, but let me know how I could make it better for you.)

(Mage Vanguard started as a VR Game Jam project in the Spring of 2015, and has now been polished for public release.)

If your headset doesn't have a trigger, in the case of open glasses like viewers, just tap the screen to shoot. In the case of strap to your head viewers, you can use a bluetooth controller's button A to shoot.

-> Google Cardboard 1.0 and 2.0 
->Wearability (tap the screen to shoot on VR viewers like these)
-> Viewmaster (Pick one up at your local retailer i.e. Target, Walmart or ToysRus.)
-> Homido VR 
-> Archos VR Headset
-> FreeFly VR
-> Stooksy VR-Spektiv
-> Zeiss VR One
-> Visus VR
-> And more!

Get the full version to defeat Count Drakar.

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