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3/10/2015 4:00:00 PM
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--->>> This game is not a virtual reality game for google cardboard ! <<<--- You dream to drive fast or very fast on the highway? 
You like slalom, dodge through the traffic? 
VR Race is for you!

Driving a crazy car; your speed jammed and your pedals do not work any more... 
You just have your steering wheel to avoid accident in the motor traffic... 
In VR Race, you need to have lightning reflexes.

You have for every mission a distance to be affected and a motionless speed. 
More you evolve in the missions more your car is powerful and so the speed is more and more important. 
There is speed evolution, we begin to 90 kph to finish to 320 kph.
18 Levels - 18 various GT cars. 

Level 1 : Citroen C2 – 90 km/h 
Level 2 : Peugeot 207 – 110km/h
Level 3 : Fiat 500 Abarth – 130km/h
Level 4 : Peugeot RCZ – 140 km/h
Level 5 : Alfa Romeo Mito GTA – 150km/h
Level 6 : Honda civic Sport – 170km/h
Level 7 : Peugeot 206 GTI – 160km/h
Level 8 : Peugeot 508 Sport – 180 km/h 
Level 9 : Mini Austin Cooper S – 190km/h
Level 10 : Citroen DS5 sport – 200km/h
Level 11 : VW Gold GTI – 210km/h
Level 12 : Renault Megane RS – 220km/h
Level 13 : Audi TT sport – 230km/h
Level 14 : Jaguar MF – 240km/h
Level 15 : BMW M3 – 250km/h
Level 16 : Audi RS4 – 280km/h
Level 17 : Lamborghini Diablo – 300km/h
Level 18 : Nissan GTR – 320km/h

3 game mode :
Easy: Driving in divided highway 
Normal: Driving in two-way in highway
Hard: Driving in the opposite direction, oncoming traffic 

Set and cars in 3D. 
The camera is positioned in sight internal to have the best feeling of speed. 

Use our lightning reflexes to avoid crash! 

--> Use the gyroscope to dodge through the traffic 

--> Use accelerator to get bonus and earn credits

--> game mode: reach a distance with a defined speed

--> Music created by PROLETER (popular beatmaker from France) 

--> 3D realistic cars and 3D environments
Ring map look like Paris ring. 
City map is inspired by Paris city. 
Some highways look like highways around Paris. 

--> In this game, show who's the driving boss in the asphalt !

We try to create realistic cars which look like as Citroën C2, Fiat 500 Abarth, Peugeot RCZ, Peugeot 207 WRC, Honda civic, Alfa romeo mito GTA, Peugeot 508, Mini Austin Cooper S, Citroën DS5 GT, Golf GTI, Renault Megane RS, Audi TT, Jaguar MF, BMW M, Audi RS4, Lamborghini Diablo, Nissan GTR.

Automobile, motorsports & 3D are our passion, we wish you will like our game.
Drive fast in traffic is funny but really dangerous. You can't do that in real life.... 
So enjoy it in VR Race!

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