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Live Wallpapers and Backgrounds
"Danbo live wallpaper" brings you cute live wallpapers for your phone that will win your heart in a second! This cute cardboard robot called Danbo or Danboard will be there for you unconditionally – whenever you're feeling happy or sad, you'll have someone to share it with! This "cartoon character" may be made out of carton boxes but he can be your best friend so get this "wallpaper background"! Danbooru or Cardbo is a paper robot, and these “paper toys” are the embodiments of love, innocence and goodness – each of us needs something like that in our lives so do not miss this free Danbo Live Wallpaper, a collection of "cute pictures to download" chosen just for you! Enjoy watching these tiny Danboard people on your phone screen and you won't feel lonely ever again! They will be sending you their love with dozens of hearts flying across the screen all the time! - Ten beautiful Danbo love images- the cardboard box doll will embellish your tablet or phone screen!
- Collect a new "Danbo wallpaper photo" every day until you get all ten of them!
- The animation of moving hearts makes these "cute wallpapers for Androids" so adorable!
- Choose speed, number and density of animated hearts!
- Danbo is waiting for you, give him home and shelter, and he will pay you back with tons of hearts and "unconditional love"!
- Get this "cartoon character app" – Danbo for Android now!

Say hello to your new "toy friend" - Download these "Danbo wallpapers HD for free" and find your favorite "cute background image" to decorate your home screen. Remember, whenever a new heart appears, Danbo says “I love you” to you! These "cartoon character photos" are some of the most popular wallpapers and animated backgrounds on the market. No one is immune to Danboard, a "box man" that first appeared in a Japanese cartoon ''Yotsuba&!'' and won the hearts of millions of people around the planet! Boys, girls, teen girls, kids or adults – everyone likes Danboard! Wouldn't you like to play with a Danbo paper toy? Don't worry, you don't have to know how to make Danbo robot - Simply get this "cartoon live wallpaper" with "free download" and beautify your mobile with this cute boxman ~ “Danbo life” is now available as wallpaper pictures! Finally you can have a friend that you can carry with you everywhere – Danbo Live Wallpaper fits perfectly in your pocket! The Danboard boxman is the best emoticon for every desktop background! There are many different "cute phone wallpapers" of this fictional, cartoon figure so you can find various "Danbo wallpapers": "Danbo sad", "Danbo happy", Danbo in the rain, "cute Danbo baby wallpaper HD" and many, many others. If you download this free app for Android you'll get ten "beautiful wallpapers" inspired with Danbo! Each of them makes a cute background for phone and you'll love these wallpapers! Don't let Danboard feel lonely – obtain this free cute live wallpaper with Danbo pictures and you'll get a friend for life! 

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