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This is an Android application to display the video from a USB EasyCap Device which is connected to: a smart phone, tablet device or a tv box in NTSC or PAL video format. 
ONLY for EasyCap versions with chips: utv007 has been supported at this moment. 
(We strongly recommend to use chip UTV007 to avoid the conflict of usb devices) 
Suitable for: car back camera, FPV(SBS google Cardboard support), endoscopy and in home security (intercom connection). 
Please be sure that your device supported USB host mode, before you purchase or update this app prepare OTG cable+EasyCap device + active analogue signal for test, if does not work - reject the order. We cannot refund. 
List of devices, which have been tested with this App: 
Asus Nexus 2012,2013; MeMO Pad 7; Fonepad 
Sony ZR, ZL, Z, Z ultra,Z2, Z3 compact tablet; 
Samsung: Galaxy II, III, Note3, Note4, S4, S5, S6, Tab S, Tab 2, Tab pro 10.1 
LG: G2, G3, Nexus 5 
WP9320A and Newsmy (Car Android box) 
Moto G, Nexus 6; Wexler TAB 7t; Huawei MediaPad; Xiaomi m2s; HM Note 1W; Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8, Tab S8; Oneplus One, HTC: Nexus 9, One x, E8, Chuwi vi8, Wiko WAX 
with Android 4.x till 5.x [Specifications and Characteristics]
- You do NOT need root rights or changing Android ROM data.
(You can use normal Android device which is sold on the market)
- Video Resolution depends on video format and EasyCap device: NTSC:720*480@30fps; PAL:720*576@25fps
- Sound Restrictions: to be under construction 
- Mirror Display (Flip Horizontal/Vertical)
- Autostart function
- Auto off, when signal bad or missing
- Connecting 2 USB Devices (Switching inputs)
- Time delay – 0,1sec – almost live streaming

[Restrictions and Attentions]
!!!!- For versions of Android devices after 4.0 with USB host function ONLY (*1)
- Sound recording is not supported at this moment.
- Some Android device may not work well when connecting 2 USB EasyCam devices simultaneously.
- If the program does not work - don't panic - send us report please

*1 : Some Android device may not execute this application, please be careful 
This software is based in part on the work of the Independent Autodroid Group. 
Please do not hack this program, otherwise you will kill all project.
Features: Now we are working with IOS Jailbreak version.
To find the chipset, please type: UTV007 in the search line of web-sellers, like e-bay or aliexpress. 
We strongly recommend to use chip UTV007 to avoid the conflict of usb devices (exception Asus and Sony)
Also do not use 64Gb Usb Flash with our program

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