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Virtual Hajj guide and Umrah is the only 3D / 4D Islamic app on Google Play Store that is a Hajj book or Hajj o Umrah teacher that teaches you obligations of Hajj in a thrilling Islamic virtual reality world. Learn how to perform Hajj o Umrah as you are doing it yourself in the fascinating virtual world. In this version, only the Hajj e Ifrad is included. But soon we are going to add Hajj e Tamattu, Hajj e Qiran and much more as well. This version is short but comprehensive so anybody who doesn’t know anything about Hajj and hasn’t visited Saudi Arabia, Makkah or Madina may come to know the essential pillars and duties of Hajj.


• Putting on Ihram on Meeqat
• Doing Tawaf e Ziarah in Kaaba
• Praying two Rakah at Muqame Ibrahim
• Drinking Zam Zam
• Performing Sa’ee between Safa & Marwa
• Going to Mina
• Going to Arafah
• Leaving for Muzdalifah
• Casting pebbles on Jamarats
• Cutting or Shaving hair
• Removing Ihram
• Doning Tawaf Al Ifadah in Masjid Al Haram etc.

This VR Hajj guide and Umrah app is based on authentic sources like Quran and Sahih Ahadith or Sunnah of the prophet of Islam. This is just the beginning and we are planning to develop the best free authentic Hajj guide and Umrah / Islamic apps just for you and your children.

• Just imagine how would it feel that you can learn all types of Hajj and Umrah lying comfortably in your bed in a fascinating world of virtual reality with Oculus Rift or Sony Morpheus?
• Can you imagine the amount of learning and joy at the same time, your children would have being in the thrilling world of VR with htc vive, Samsung gear or google cardboard and seeing the battles and struggles of ancient prophets and saints like Ashab e Kahf, themselves or the Seerah of the prophet and what not?
• How easy and engrossing it would be to teach yourself and your children Islamic knowledge, history and incidents of the past in the enchanting virtual world with you smartphone or tablet with fore vr, MS hololens or zeiss vr one.
• How easy it would be to put your finger on a line of Quran in your smartphone and listen to the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran in the voice of your favorite Qari?

• How would it feel to live in Mecca during the times of the prophet or in the environments of the prophets and nations of the past?

The possibilities are countless. We intend to do it all for you free forever with the grace of Allah (SWT).

So do support us with your high ratings, good comments and downloading our Pro version. Your feedback is more than welcome.


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OK then thanks and Jazakallahul Khair.

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