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This is demo/limited version of our full-feature application - "Cyprus 360 | Travel & Discover" Enjoy Cyprus - experience the perfect view!

* High quality (HQ) interactive spherical panoramas all around Cyprus
* Unique aerial views
* Virtual reality (VR) support for Google Cardboard and other VR glasses/headsets
* Interactive map with active hotspots
* Informative material about every place

Places you have seen before, views you haven’t seen before!
Discover Cyprus through 360° virtual tour!


Spherical, not just 360! 
By spherical panorama we mean 360° x 180° - it's special photograph, which covers all the space around one definite point for the angle of 360° horizontally and for the angle of 180° vertically. As most virtual tour developers use 360° x <180° by limiting view of bottom sphere and/or top sphere, we can definitely say: we're ahead of them - we have NO limits!

Aerial views
In the virtual tour you'll find lots of aerial views taken from helicopter and advanced powerful drones. Unique views you haven't seen before! Discover Cyprus from different angles, different perspective!

More than 400 panoramas! [FULL VERSION ONLY]
We have covered Cyprus most popular touristic places as well as some hidden nature treasures. You can virtually visit most popular Cyprus resorts near the sea - Ayia Napa, Protaras, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, as well as capital Nicosia, mountain area of Troodos and many more. You can use main menu on the left to choose points of interest from different categories: beaches, monuments, churches/monasteries, harbors, cities/villages, landscapes or even street view. We keep following tourist flow and reviews so our virtual tour is always up-to-date.

Virtual reality (VR) support
This is it! This is the future! We have added Virtual Reality support (for devices that support it). Now when discovering Cyprus through the app you can easily switch to VR mode, connect your phone/tablet with VR glasses/headset, put them on, and : BOOM! - You're there! Well, not quite literally, but as close as it can get from your home or workplace. You can virtually travel to white-sand Nissi beach in Ayia Napa or beautiful harbor of Paphos or winter time in Troodos in no time! Take a break from work to virtually travel to Cyprus and enjoy the sensations of what this future technology offers. 
You can use any of VR glasses/headsets in the market, i.e. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR One etc. 

Interactive map
When discovering Cyprus through the app you have an option to open the online map to see available places to travel to. You can zoom in & zoom out as you want to get closer look of the specific area. You can tap on the hotspot to go directly to the spherical view of the place.

Informative material
Every place has an detailed information available. You can access it by tapping on information (i) button on the top right corner. Lot of information provided consists of history, geographical location & description of the area so you can get to know Cyprus even more widely.

Full control of the tour & interface
We offer wide range of controls for your experience to be as easy as it can be. To control the view you can use different hand gestures as well as view control buttons in the control bar in the bottom. There are navigation buttons to switch to next or previous panorama as well as thumbnail bar to go directly to the chosen spot. You can hide all interface/control panels so the view you see gets much wider and more impressive. You can access detailed navigation information when tapping on "?" button.

To run this application you must be connected to internet. Loading speed depends of the internet bandwidth. Starting/opening application as well as switching categories sometimes can be slow. Opening the app can take up to 1 minute to load. Be little patient - it's worth it!

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