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Timelooper is a virtual reality time travel app that exponentially enhances your trip experience when you visit exciting sites and attractions around the world. Our location-based, 360-degree videos, viewed on a smartphone with or without a virtual reality viewer like Google cardboard or Oculus Rift, allow you to relive the most memorable moments of amazing places. Launching in 3 sites in London in July of 2015, and expanding quickly around the world, Timelooper videos will propel you backward and forward in time using an exciting combination of 360-degree videos and virtual reality technologies. Through 3D modeling, special effects and live-action sequences, you will experience moments from the past as though you were there when they occurred. Due to our unique destination-based approach to video viewing, you will be able to download videos using the Timelooper app and watch them only at the sites where the events occurred. Once you “unlock” a video by watching it at its specific site, the video content will live permanently on your phone. At that point, you can show Timelooper videos to friends and family wherever you are, developing your own virtual historic library of the significant cultural heritage sites and global attractions you have visited around the world.

Timelooper transports visitors right to the heart of the most memorable moments in history through 360° virtual reality videos. With simply a smartphone and a cardboard viewer, you can observe authentic cultures of past societies and relive monumental events in a deeply connected, immersive and emotional way. Of course, you can view Timelooper videos simply by holding your smartphone up against the view and turning in a complete circle to watch the space transform to a point earlier in time. However, to get the most out of the virtual reality experience, we suggest you use a virtual reality viewer, like Google cardboard, to truly immerse yourself into an out-of-this-world visual and auditory experience.

Timelooper is not only an app, but also a unique development and video sharing platform. As a company, Timelooper encourages creative 360-degree video and virtual reality design teams to create a growing base of innovative video content that will be accessible within the app over time. So, download the app today and download our virtual reality demo video on August 1, 2015, from anywhere to get a taste of what you will see around the world. Before then, if you learn more about Timelooper and our launch plans for more videos at sites around the world at www.timelooper.com. You can also follow us and interact with us on Twitter (@TimelooperApp) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TimelooperApp). Please take photos of yourself, friends and family watching the “Time Loops” and post them on our social media pages. Posting on our wall, tweeting about your virtual reality experience or signing up for our newsletter at www.timelooper.com will add you to our outreach list for the releases of future videos. 

If you are a virtual reality or augmented reality developer or development team with location-based 360-degree VR content that either commemorates an earlier point in time, captures a current event (i.e., a political, cultural or sports event), or envisions a place at a future point in time, please connect with us so that we can potentially host your content within the Timelooper app.

Thank you for downloading the Timelooper app! We hope you enjoy re-living the most memorable moments at amazing places with us, as much as we enjoy bringing these unique, educational and entertaining virtual reality experiences to you in the most incredible places around the world.

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