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Finwe Ltd.
Get ready for the ultimate 360 video experience with VR support! Install the app, activate VR mode, and slide your phone into the Google Cardboard. Features:
* Fast and smooth 360 video playback with 4 built-in demo videos. Experience and enjoy:
- Santa Claus village from Rovaniemi, Lapland
- Lombard Street from San Francisco
- Palazzo Hotel from Las Vegas
- And if you dare, try out Bungee jump in VR from Qstock Oulu, Finland
* Gyro and touch control
* VR mode supporting Google Cardboard, VR One and all the other mobile head mounted frames in the market
* Cool 3D video gallery for selecting videos in VR mode, no need to take the glasses off
* Add your own 360 videos by copying them to "Movies/Fincloud" folder on your device
* Share your experience to your friends with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
* Supports resolutions up to 4k (depends on the device)

* Technical specifications *

* Video format, resolution and bit rate: depends on device model. Safe choice is h.264 encoded 1280x720 at 30 FPS (level 3.1). Most modern high-end devices play h.264 encoded 1920x1080 30 FPS video (level 4.1). Latest high-end models reach 4k resolution 3840x2160 at 30 FPS (level 5.1). 
* Gyroscope is supported when available (fallback to touch if device does not have it).
* UI frame rate depends on selected projection and GPU power. For example, Mali-400 and Adreno 320 based devices provide good user experience, Adreno 330 works very smoothly.

* About FinCloud *

FinCloud Ltd. provides 360 video production services and consultation for your 360 video needs. In collaboration with global network of 360 video producers FinCloud can help you with your needs for high quality 360 video content - globally. Together with Finwe and the other partners, FinCloud can provide you a turnkey solution for 360 projects starting from planning and production to a custom app development. Contact for more info.

* About Finwe *

Finwe Ltd. is an agile software company, which provides mobile R&D services and products. The focus is on groundbreaking mobile sensing and 3D user interaction solutions, which take the user experience to a new level. The company creates high-end mobile products applying the newest technologies, enabling the customers to significantly differentiate from competition, add value to existing products, and speed up time-to-market.

Would you like to have a similar inexpensive custom branded app for your 360 content? Contact for more info.

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