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11/4/2015 4:00:00 PM
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Mariano Manrique
iReal Immersion, enhancing the real world with Augmented Reality now become a "Real Immersion"! August 24, 2015
A new versión with new features is available, that include a AR & VR Immersion with stereoscopic mode and a 360 video and photo player.
I greatly apologize for the delay and truly appreciate your patience.
iReal is an indie Project.

What can I do with the 360 player?
* Play local photosphere images
* Play local 360 videos
* Play local normal videos y stereoscopic mode.

If you have a VR headset or a google cardboard enjoy playing your files in 360 mode, if you dont have a stereoscopic headset you can play 360 videos and photospheres in mono mode and take advantage of the 360 mode on your device with the gyroscope sensor.
If you dont have gyro sensor on your Smartphone use your touch screen to rotate in the 360 enviroment.

iReal Stereo, how?

Enjoy this feature, we are rewriting our goals, now not just pointing to augmented reality, we are developing a immersive mode, augmented reality, virtual reality, when you switch to stereoscopic mode you become immersed, your touch is replaced with a UI visual interaction throungh a gaze, to just "look at" and trig (click, tap) a video, a photo, a 3d model, etc.

- o -

May 10, 2015
Our last update now includes New AR Object type: "Content Feed"

Available iReal AR Objects:

* Video: Show/play a video on marker, video url could be a local (iReal platform website) stored video, external url, or youtube link, you can set a keyframe image and keep or change aspect ratio.
* Images Slide: Show a set o images like a catalog moving / sliding previous or next to change between, allow to set a catalog link or individual image links that open on browser when tap.
* Asset 3D: Allow you to put Unity 3D meshes, objects on any marker that are previously locally stored on iReal plarform (watch our Smart Car demo).
* TTS (Text to Speech): TTS allow you to define a text, set the native language, choose alternative languages and lets user to play text to audio speech, automatically translate if necessary (try our Beatles demo).
* Content Feed: enable publishers to syndicate data automatically, Content Feed acts like RSS feed, set a feed url and frequently updated information like blog entries, news headlines are binded to the marker.

All AR Objects are Virtual Button's enabled (check Smart Car demo).

Other important updates:

Move forward to Vuforia 4.2.
Minor bugs fixes

Keep in touch!
The iReal Team

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