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Step right up and take a look through the eye of tomorrow with the Glitcher VR augmented/virtual reality app! See your world as you have never seen it before! Glitcher VR applies filters to your camera's output to render your environment in an interesting way. It also applies a barrel distortion effect to all filters for accurate image reproduction and comfortable VR viewing. The current version supports the following filters:

* Camera Pass-through (no filter)
* Edge Detection
* Color Inverse
* Selective Color Filter
* Apple IIc CRT Filter
* Glitchy VHS Tape
* Laughing Man (face detection filter)
* Super 8 Vintage Camera Filter
* Predator Vision

Glitcher VR employs speech recognition for voice control and does not require any additional hardware to use. Simply swipe the magnet, press the media button on your headphones or the volume up button to activate voice control. Use the following commands to control Glitcher VR:

"next" or "effect next" - Activate the next effect.
"previous", "back" or "effect previous" - Activate the previous effect.
"effect camera" - Activate the Camera Pass-through effect.
"effect edge" - Activate the edge detection effect.
"effect inverse" - Activate the color inverse effect.
"effect selective" - Activate the selective color effect.
"effect apple" - Activate the CRT effect.
"effect vhs" - Activate the VHS tape effect.
"effect laughing" - Activate the Laughing Man effect.
"effect vintage" - Activate the Super 8 effect.
"effect predator" - Activate Predator Vision.

"frame" - Take a screenshot.
"photo" - Take a full sized photograph.
"video" - Begin video recording. Press the headset button or swipe the magnet to stop recording.
"focus" - Autofocus the camera.

"camera next" - Use the next camera on the phone (front facing).
"camera previous" - Use the previous camera.

"torch on" - Activate the torch / flashlight.
"torch off" - Deactivate the torch / flashlight.

Press Volume-Down to activate the Non-VR preview.

This app is designed for the">DODOcase Smartphone VR Viewer and is compatible with the Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, vrAse and OpenDive HMD's. This app requires a modern, mid to high end smartphone and Android 4.1, and has been tested with the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One (m7) and HTC One (m8). 

** Warning: This app is meant as a novelty. Do not use this product while operating a vehicle, machinery, or anything else that might result in you or others getting killed or injured. 

Please visit the Glitcher VR website for additional information at:

Ver 0.11 additions:
* Added predator vision effect.

Known bugs:
* VHS Filter does not work properly on SGS3
* Video capture hangs app on SGS3
* Frame capture produces a black frame on SGS3
* Unable to acquire camera on Galaxy Note 2
* Face detection not supported on Droid RAZR M (?)

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