How to Install?

Setup PC side

  • Step 1: Download file here
  • Step 2: Unzip and run "Nightmares VR.exe" file from your PC.
  • Step 3: Take note the server IP from the screen. e.g. 192.168.1.x
  • Step 4: Click "HELP" and remember the keys.
  • Done!
Setup mobile side
  • Step 1: Install the app from Play store here
  • Step 2: "Launch" the game from mobile device.
  • Step 3: Touch on the input field on start screen then type the server IP from installed PC application. e.g. 192.168.1.x
  • Step 4: Put the phone into Google Cardboard or Smileway Cardboard (You can get one from here)
  • Step 4: Click "HELP" and remember the keys. Or discuss here.
  • Done! Now Run! and Shooooot!

How to Play?