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11/17/2015 4:00:00 PM
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Please note: This game is for Google Cardboard compatible devices only. If you don't have a compatible device and headset you won't be able to play! You'll need AT LEAST a 1080p screen and a snapdragon 808 powered device to get the best out of the game. Something like the LGG4, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6, Moto X Style or similar should be enough to run it nicely. 
********** The Grid: VR is a fast paced concept racing game for Google Cardboard. If the 80's you were to imagine a VR racing game, it'd probably be something like this! 

The controls are pretty simple: move your head left and right to turn your craft in said direction, look straight ahead to go, well, straight ahead.

There are currently 2 game modes, with a third in the works. In Score attack mode, the idea is simply not to crash. The further you get, the faster you go and the higher your score. In Race mode, you race against 7 AI opponents of varying skill and speed for the victory.

In race mode, at the moment, the intermediate level races are a little too harsh on you when you crash, I'm working on this for a future update.

So, as you may have noticed by now, I'm really bad at writing copy for my games! But it doesn't matter on this one as it's a niche release for people who probably aren't expecting a triple A standards. Which is probably for the best.

It's the first thing I've developed in VR, and it's an adaptation of a conceptual racing game I've sort of worked on since I began making games. I originally made it for my son, who was well into cars at the time, and worked on it from there as a kind of stage where I try new things. It's deliberately hard, though as I said above, currently too hard on intermediate races. It's also not really finished as a game. There are 5 more tracks that are finished and work, but are too long for VR as it stands, so I've got to cut the number of laps or do... something... to make them more playable. There's also another game mode, a racing championship and just a simple way of telling you if you've won a race to implement. Whether that gets done or not obviously depends on A) Time and B) Money. 

I really hope you get some enjoyment from it and can kind of see what I'm trying to do with the game. Feedback is appreciated and I'll reply to as many reviews as I can.

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